About Pigeon


Pigeon started a little creative communications agency.

In 2020, it morphed into an online portfolio for Kate Wallace’s personal writing and creative projects. 


Want to hire Kate to write for you? Don’t worry, she’s still in business. Visit her at katewallace.ca for all things related to copywriting and brand storytelling. 

Pigeon was founded by Kate Wallace, an award-winning writer with more than 15 years’ experience in crafting stories that get noticed. Along with being published in leading newspapers and magazines, Kate has scripted international television series and documentary films, and created some whip-smart marketing content, as well. Whoever the client, whatever the project, her goal is the same: lively tales of maximum impact.


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At Pigeon We Love To:

  • Work with agencies and entrepreneurs to share their unique stories through powerful marketing and public-relations materials, including: ad copy, blog posts, press releases, marketing decks, press kits, executive bios, speeches, op-eds and more.
  • Contribute to a range of top-name magazines and newspapers, with a particular focus on arts and culture.
  • Write scripts for film and TV, including voice-over and narration, working through all stages from raw concept to final cut.
  • Build custom teams of designers, social-media analysts, programmers and more, to make your project come alive.


Awww, shucks.

Greg Hemmings, founder of Hemmings House Pictures

“Kate’s research and writing helped my directors bring back the gold. Kate is a team player, she is a leader, and she takes feedback and revisions very seriously. She works very well with our team to make the very best productions possible.”

“Kate crafts some of the snappiest, most stylish prose around. She knows that conveying your message isn’t just relaying facts, that it’s about creating a distinct personality for each project through tone, word choice and phrasing. If you are at a loss for words, call Kate. She’ll find the right ones for you, and she might even make you laugh in the process, too. On top of it all, she’s a real pleasure to work with.”

Derek Riedle, Revolution Strategy, Civilized