DealerMine Sales Brochure

DealerMine needed a new approach to its sales and marketing materials. Working with Saint John designer Alexandra Weaver Crawford, Kate crafted messaging reflecting the company’s friendly, smart and supportive culture.

Janice Quigg’s new website

Kate Janice Quigg, a professional coach who specializes in  conflict, needed to share her story on her website. 

Working with Toronto design firm Spryberry, Kate helped Janice Quigg, a professional coach who specializes in conflict, craft her story.  Janice’s history as a lawyer, and her passion for embracing conflict as positive and profitable force in business.

‘Your Stories Could Change the World’

Hemmings House is the film production company with heart. A certified B Corporation, it aims to create social impact through film. Kate developed a powerful marketing message to help Hemmings House share its mission.