Chop To It

While axe-throwing venues are popping up in cities across North America as an eclectic option for a night out, student athletes at a number of Canadian universities have been playing at it for decades. In this article, Kate catches up with the UNB crew to learn about the history and evolution of the sport.

Suzanne Hill’s Art of Isolation

‘Singular,’ Suzanne Hill’s probing, unsentimental solo exhibition is derived from five years of thinking and art-making on the idea of aloneness. Kate explores hows the show is a manifold meditation on the ultimate isolation of life and the paradoxical way we are alone together.

‘Water Baby’


It’s a bracing baptism for Maritime tots, that first dip in the mighty Atlantic. In this touching first-person essay, Kate shares the story of her son’s first frolic in the frigid Bay of Fundy.

Canadian Art ThirdShift

‘On Creating a Gallery Without Walls’

Artists are known for thinking outside the box, but Third Space Gallery has taken the adage to new heights. Kate explores how it has devised many surprising ways to bring contemporary art to a city that has clearly embraced its funky artist-run centre.


‘Gifts of the Earth’

You know you’ve landed a plum assignment when your interview subject disappears into his basement to retrieve a machete. And so begins Kate’s adventure with ceramic artist and iconoclast Darren Emenau.